Spoken Truth

It’s Time to Lead/Where is our Leader
We pray for the day, for our leader to go forward.
Marching through the jungle, full stream soldiers
Coming for the enemies, seeking through the finery.
Gun up the soldiers, with the finest armory.
Speak for the weak, no time for world peace.
Call it segregation, miss us with the haters.
Put down yo papers and pick up the mic,
speak to the people to bring forth the truth light.
Islam brings submission, the world keeps on fishing.
For fake lights of truth or Communist troops.
Summon all a like for a gathering remission.
Allah is the key, your time is your mission.
Mosques are being burned, are you not concerned.
Muslims are dying and you’re not even trying.
Where is your voice, Allah is the course.
Rehearse His lines clear, Allah is who to fear.
The people need a leader to speak on this conclusion.
Envy and hate, TV prostitution.
Allah has chosen you, from among the few.
To piece the restitution, fighting for a solution.
A cause in fake illusion, cause there’s too much confusion.
We pray for the day, that you come out to stay.
A leader you are chosen to delegate the people.
So, pick up the mic and point us to the equals.
Until then, we are waiting for our leader.

LaLa “Noor” Garcia


About Imaan Magazine

Alhamdulilah! Imaan=Faith! Faith is everything. We are students of the Qur'an, as well as, well-rounded artist: Writers, Poets, Choreographer, Lyricist, Speakers, Servants of Allah, and more. Our goal is to shed light on upcoming Muslim brothers & sisters: Business Owner's, Artist, Poet's, Writer's, Speaker's, Author's, Service Provider's and more; representing the beauty of Islam. Our voice is our duty and Islam is our deen (way of life), Mash'Allah. We speak because we must. As'salaamu Alaykum wa bakaraktuhu La ilaha illallah View all posts by Imaan Magazine

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