Oppress This

  All on TV I see the violence of Muslim women. When I tell someone I am Islamic; I feel the frown they have in their minds; a look down upon frown. Although they know nothing about being Islamic, they pretend that they do.
I am doing this journey alone. By myself and it is tough. The last thing I care about is people frowning and their lack of knowledge; sizing me up as if they know me or know what it means to be Islamic. They know nothing.
My Aunt revealed to me that she was Muslim, but isn’t anymore because her husband was too controlling. I do wonder how many women who are not married anymore remained or continue to stay in the deen. I must confess; for a woman to continue is a true make or break. Few women in my opinion travel the lone journey after being divorced from their ex-husbands that introduced them to Islam.
Or maybe it’s just me, who finds this road lonely and sometimes heart aching. I have no one to share what I read about or answer questions and concerns. It honestly is just me. In my heart Allah did not intend for women to travel such a trying road, alone; a hard course road in this type of world. Women are fragile and weak. Yes, I said weak. If you have taken offense to the word weak, then you have misunderstood it’s hidden meaning, and you are full with much independence. You have clearly forgotten the woman’s true design.
A woman is a flower: delicate; in constant need of nourishment; room for healthy growth; protection from seen and unseen; and proper care to bloom properly. Every flower has a gardener. And every gardener has God. Now that! To the one who nourishes and cares for his flower is his true sincere constant blessing from Allah. To the flower is her blessing and constant appreciation to her Gardner and to Allah for her submission to be that flower Allah designed her to be.
Let’s bring forth the truth to light; women are designed to be weaker than men. A woman’s weakness is only frowned upon by an over independent race; who knows nothing about the true value of a woman’s role and design by Allah. A woman’s weakness is veiled by the Unbelievers because her role in the ummah is truly her biggest strength. Wait! Some of you reading missed the last sentence. One day you will understand; once you have submitted fully to Allah. There is no understanding if there is no submission.
So, I’m aware that people will continue to frown and stare at me. I know they really admire my beauty. And I’m okay with it all. I am not oppressed. I am free and all others are slaves to a cause they don’t take seriously and fail to seek the truth. And yes, I am enduring this journey alone. This is Allah’s plan for me at the moment.  I knew that I would have to journey alone the day I embraced Allah Oct 13, 2010. So be it!
Not all Muslimah will travel this road alone; learning, embracing, seeking constant truth and grace from Allah. But for me, for now…I am. So, trust me…I’m not feared by the violence on Muslim women seen on TV and people’s perception; because people perceptions  have always been flawed and misguided by their own ignorance.
I’m just waiting for Allah’s glory to grace me with His acceptance of my journey. I must say I do wonder why I have been chosen to journey this road alone. Insha’Allah I will conquer far more than I could ever imagine.

Qur’an tells me “And obey Allah and His Messenger; and fall into no disputes, lest ye lose heart and your power depart; and be patient and persevering: for Allah is with those who patiently persevere” (Surah 8:46). So, I press forward, praise Allah, perform salaat-establishing regular prayer, and learn the gracefulness and delicacy of my inner flower, praying that Allah restores me.
So, go ahead world, judge me! I am no longer of your world and you no longer have power over me. And in the real light your oppression is my freedom masked by your stupidity to not see the honor in true female modesty.

By Editor, LaLa “Noor Safoorah” Garcia


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