Got Hijab?

By Editor, LaLa “Noor S.” Garcia

Men, don’t have fashion/hijab personal complex issue that  women have. I did not grow up in an Islamic home, so finding my style wearing hijab was new to me. As women, we need to feel comfortable in who we are and how we dress, especially as a  new Muslim woman learning to cover. As a Muslimah, we are aware that the outside world is observing us and being comfortable with our fashion-wearing hijab; can be a bit overwhelming at first.

As a new Muslimah, I struggled with learning how to make hijab a part of me. To be honest, I didn’t know how to wear hijab. I did the best I could and always felt a little awkward wearing hijab. I remember thinking that people knew I didn’t know how to wear hijab, and felt that because I wasn’t wearing hijab properly, that people would think I wasn’t Muslim.I felt a little out of place and I had no one to guide me on making hijab apart of me, making hijab apart of my everyday fashion; like doing my hair. I read so many articles, and researched so many youtube links. But, as you know, you can watch all the video’s you want and try to imitate what you see; which can be rough and some what discouraging. Nevertheless, I continued wearing hijab and trying new ways to make hijab apart of who I was.

Here is how I overcame it ALL. I wore a scarf everyday. I would wrap the scarf around my head; using the remaining fabric in a bun (like shown in the picture to your left). I got comfortable with wearing that style of covering for many, many, days, weeks, and months. I started to add more scarfs to the one I already was wearing to create a new look. Which in the photo, I added the purple scarf and tied the remaining fabric around my neck; adding my own style. I would stand in the mirror for hours coming up with new ways to wear my scarfs around my head. I kept trying and trying, until I found a comfortable style that suited me. I still felt a little uncomfortable wearing the head-bun hijab. I decided that I was ready to take wearing hijab to next level, because I wanted to cover my neck.

I started wearing full hijab with my face showing. That was the toughest of them all. I would get frustrated trying to remember which direction to wrap the remaining fabric over my head. I was trying to imitate what I saw at Jumu’ah and on the youtube video’s. I kept thinking to myself, why doesn’t my hijab look like there’s. But, I kept trying. Finally, I decided to find something that suited my style. I pulled out earrings, clothes, and played dress-up. The picture to your left, is when I finally found MY hijab style.  I learned what was comfortable for me. I learned how to pin my hijab (which in the photo I have three pins with that hijab that I finally learned how to hide properly). I am comfortable FINALLY! I go places and people think that my scarf is a fashion statement. It’s not, it’s my everyday look, part of my deen. I thank those people for their compliments with words of “Peace be unto you”; that’s when people realize that I am Muslim.

With that said, I decided to take photo’s of myself in my hijab so that I may help  other fellow Muslimah (insha’allah),  to find a comfortable medium with covering on a everyday basis. I am no celebrate and I am no fashion model.

Here are a few examples of my everyday look. I AM NOT A FASHION DESIGNER, just an everyday Muslimah. From left to right are the transitions I’ve gone through.


I challenge you to keep trying new styles until you land what feels comfortable to YOU. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at And if you have pictures that you would like to share of yourself, the more the marry. Just let us know who you are and where you’re from along with your photo.

As’salaamu alaykum. May Allah continue to bless your journey.

p/s Sometimes my hijab and my clothes never match. But when you are confident and comfortable with yourself, you will be able to make what you wear match you.

Noor Safoorah


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