Think your Belief’s Aren’t in Trouble

Think your Belief’s Aren’t in Trouble

By Editor, LaLa “Noor S.” Garcia

“At least two women have been briefly detained in France while wearing Islamic veils, after a law banning the garment in public came into force. The law is likely to be largely symbolic… It will be difficult to prove that a woman is being forced to wear a niqab because of her husband or family.Under the law, any woman – French or foreign – walking on the street or in a park in France and wearing a face-concealing veil such as the niqab or burka can be stopped by police and given a fine. The French government says the face-covering veil undermines the basic standards required for living in a shared society and also relegates its wearers to an inferior status incompatible with French notions of equality” (Women in face veils detained as France enforces ban)

This article has shown that Islamic women are not the ones hiding or running from oppression. Islamic women who feel comfortable with wearing burka or niqab are now being forced to Frances oppressed society. This article should speak loud to the people who find Islamic women in a state of oppression. Two women were arrested for protesting their beliefs and right to be covered how they see fit; which is within Islamic modesty guidelines. Rights of Muslim women have been violated by political propaganda, for political ratings of an unpopular president to throw around his power for another election vote. But many non-Muslims in France have spoken out and believe the ban to be a waste of time, solving nothing. Non-Muslims of France believe that a persons’ choice to be covered or not has been stripped. The people of France see no justice or reason in this matter, other than for political ratings.

The two women arrested spent three hours in jail only to be fined 150 euros (£133; $217) and a citizenship course. “Citizenship course”, what does that really mean?  Women who violate the new law will be ordered to take a citizenship course, as if modesty is not sufficient enough. And what are the “standard requirements of living in a shared society”? What does that mean? Are people of France given a “Standard Requirement Handbook” that outlines how a person is to dress, etiquette clothing or proper behavior skills. France hasn’t ban cleavage shirts or short mini-shirks. What’s next, everyone will have to look the same? Failure to understand Islam is an ignorance that is Nationwide. But this failure spreads a little closer to home, as Muslim women who cover are still being discriminated against in France; which has caused many Islamic women to not wear their hijab, niqab, burka, shayla, Al-Amira, khimar, or chador. Have these women given into Frances oppressed society to be treated equal?

Some people may believe that they are liberating women who are being forced to cover, a way out. But, this ban has stripped the women who choose to wear buraq (burka) or niqab their rights. But the banning doesn’t stop there. In September 2, 2004 France banned religious symbols and apparel in public schools. Turkey has also banned hijabs from being worn in the colleges. The ban was set into place for this reason “A strict headscarf ban had been in force in Turkish universities since 1997. The ban came after the staunchly secularist military had exerted pressure to oust a government it saw as too Islamist.”

Now that’s funny “too Islamist”,  what does that mean? Could this ban be set in motion out of fear? A Muslim cannot be too Muslim. Either they are Islamic: following the Qur’an and/or teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) or they don’t. There is no such thing as being too Muslim. These fears are from non-Believers. Allah warns (Believers) about the ways of shaitan and un-Believers. The banning of headscarf of any kind is a sure sign who the enemy is and who the enemy works for.

“Let those fight in the cause of Allah Who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fighteth in the cause of Allah,- whether he is slain or gets victory – Soon shall We give him a reward of great (value).” Qur’an 4.74.


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