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Cow Towing

A plunderous moment, stained by mindless fools with no motivations.
Frequent words of “I debate”. Gestured conclusion far too late.
Cow towing you fools like a mind taker.Give you the deuces, so long see ya later.
I rather not wait on those who lack, lack! Your minds been jacked!
Read to understand your positions. Find that inner peace without resistance.
I’m out the box feeding my soul. Continuing with my mission, because that’s what I was told.
A remembrance heart-shaped tattoo. Running fast as if I was late for school.
But, I am. I have intentions to sit by the sea. Cause there’s nothing hold me back, not even Me!
So, I jump in without holding my breath. Allah is glorious, no reason to believe there is nothing left.
I wrap my mind around ayat’s. Allowing the meanings to formulate non-stop.
I rehearse a verse as if there was no time. Mediating as if I was blind.
Keeping myself in the distance. I pay close attention to the ink in dimensions.
Studying Qur’an like  math equations. Making my mind aware of Satan’s Jail-House Station.
I’m aware of this world’s manifestion. Hot like fire, hiddenly dangerous.
Twisted by Satan’s flavored taste. Keeping ya minds sedated with the so-called human race. That’s why you feel no shame or disgrace.
I’ll rephrase my position. Even tho, I don’t seek your attention.
I’m out the box, feeding my soul. Continuing with my mission, because that’s what I was told.
Baring none. On the front line with no knifes or gun.
We live in a revolutionary, ass-backwards, stages of events. With technology, TV, and money as your Pimp.
The man configures a new theme to celebrate. People jump on the band wagon with no debate.
Lots sheep who have become the bait. Too lost to spell the word “escape”.
Cow towing you fools like a mind taker. Give you deuces, so long see ya later.
Ya’ll, who plays victim in the streets. Conforming to this sucka-free society.
Stuck on repeat, with your hate and envy. Playin make-believe in a fake reality!
Cowards to fearful to be about true business. Sideline cheerleaders with no vision. Leaders not on their mission.
What the hell is this! Bad-asses looking like small fishes!
My words are delicious!
Too many cowards buying into the “Fictitious-ness” with clown expression, feeling ridiculous.
Cow Towing!

Written By Editor, LaLa “Noor S.” Garcia


Random Fakers

By Editor,  LaLa “Noor” Garcia

Very, dust, random acts of no-get backs.
Triumph like the rain
Random illusion to entertain.
The beast of random beats
Lying victim in the random streets
Please stop pressin repeat.
Eyes wide open
Choke on the words, “you spoke it”
In the trance of things
Heavy hearts of wedding rings
Dunya it’s to be called
Man’s fantasy land, biggest fail of them all
Hypocritical bullshit in the land of acting
False hope but I’m not reactin
Tearin through the flesh of the source
Somehow America keeps repeating it’s course
The beast of bad dreams by choice
Random words on absurd                                                                                  
Hatred like the Matrix
Heavy hearts trying to make it.
Gear up fools
Random words on loose lips
chokin hard tryin not to spit.
Energy from the translucent
Boast too hard and miss it.
Rather, miss me with it!
I take no glory in this dunya.
Watch me close-it’ll fool ya.
I’m the source of the knife
Lights out…it’s nite nite time.
Cabled the world shut
too keep the losers from shuttin up.
And everybody wants a war.
With no training dislocated metaphors.
Be like a metamorphosis.
We’re living in the worst of it.
While most of you got yo minds on remission
Lost loves with no submissions
Once again, miss me with it!
Changing lanes like transgenders
Loving on girls cause they name is Ginger.
Slamming folks with so-called heavy hitters.
In this fake world full of quitters.

Random thoughts while ya’ll slacking

Most of ya’ll just acting
Call me the Hacker
Random Sledge Smacker

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