Editor’s Choreography

Vocal Artist: N. (Musa S.) Ridley, D. Ashasheed, F. Ayodele

Choreographer/Dancer: Lamica “Noor ”  Garcia


The New Treader

Establish me O Lord. That I shall follow. For my spirit is in great danger. For the Jinn knows me all to well. Protect me from myself, least I take refuge in your grace. For I am a believer on a journey; with Jinn in my ear trying to tame my footsteps. Lead me Allah to a place where there are others like me that I may be replenished. Have mercy upon us so our burdens are made lighter. Send forth your words in our ummah to LEAD a helping hand for those along the way. Establish me O Lord, that my spirit may be tamed by only YOU; for you know me all to well.

Shukran Allah

By Editor, Lamica” Noor” Garcia

Photo by Editor: Lamica “Noor” Garcia

La ilaha illallah



The intertwining of the two. Odd shaped, packaged for the damaged, but embraced by You. Hearts of alike, flowers blooming through. They never forget to say “I love you”. Springed forth by the melody of strings. Summoned by Allah Himself. Twinkled into the lines, memorized by time. The stages of ages; a decade of love. Sync into You.
The rose growing from the street. The beast covered in beauty. They are meant to be. Connected by the Violin strings, grasp by the beauty within. They are connected in more ways than a few. Torn by the world, torch in freedom.  Finalized in the delicacy of passion; for lust was never their destiny. For it was Fate sketched in the glorious horizon of their hearts. She is his morning glory. And he is her secret miracle. They paired to be the perfect, unperfect. Designed; created, and gifted from the Most High “la ilaha illallah-There is no deity but God. For it was He that destin them to be, meant to be. Sketched together in the artist’s canvas, blossomed in the colors for all to see.

By Editor, Lamica “Noor” Garcia

Painting by Brother William Smith

©Lamica “Noor” Garcia and ©Imaan Magazine, 2010-2018.
Any unauthorized use and/or duplication of ANY material without express and written permission from Imaan Magazine’s author and/or Founder/Co-Founder/Owner is strictly prohibited.


2 responses to “Art

  • aziza

    salam my dear sister lala noor, my name is aziza, a fellow artist, graphic designer & blogger for, I currently manage the UDsisters and would love to feature you in a recent blog post Inshallah under ‘most awesome muslim blogs 2011’ God Willing. Just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing your unique talents with us, a big welcome to Islam may Allah bless you and guide you always Inshallah. A truly inspiring blog, I look forward to seeing you grow.

    • Imaan Magazine

      Wa’alaykum salaam dear Sister Aziza. Awwww, shukran for your wonderful words. It would be a pleasure to be featured in your blog. You put a big smile on my face. I prayed Imaan Magazine would be an inspiration to people Muslim and non-Muslim., allowing me the chance to learn & work with other Muslims, insha’allah. Thank you so much for taking the time to look on the website, I am grateful.

      I look foward to working with you and having the chance to shine some light on your success, insha’allah.

      As’salaamu alaykum
      Imaan Magazine, “Shedding light on the beauty of Islamic Folks”
      LaLa “Noor” Garcia

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