Imaan Magazine/Write for Us

Alhamdulilah! Imaan=Faith! Faith is everything. We are students of the Qur’an, as well as, Well-Rounded artist: writers, poets, choreographer, lyricist, speakers, servants of Allah, and more. Our goal is to shed light on upcoming Muslim brothers & sisters; representing the beauty of Islam, and our viewpoints. Our voice is our duty and Islam is our deen (way of life), Mash’Allah. We speak because we must.
 Imaan Magazine is open to all readers Islamic and non-Islamic. Please feel free to leave comments & questions.
La ilaha illallah (there is no God but God)

Imaan Magazine’s Vision for Future Writers


1. To PUBLISH Imaan Magazine on the 30/31th day of every month (Insh’Allah);

2. To offer a modern, Islamic perspective on news, art, technology, etc. within the context of American Culture – in the belief that Islam is a “working” System, making it a DYNAMIC creation that is both cutting-edge and multi-faceted;

3. To employ a BALANCED, “middle road” approach in our promotion of people, places, things and ideas;

4. To CREATE a balanced format that allow readers to both (1) OBTAIN quality information, and (2) EXPRESS via letters, submissions and comments;


—–Our WRITERS consist of a small staff and contributions from BRILLIANT freelance writers, bloggers, and Imaan Magazine readers;———————————–Our MARKETING STRATEGY is to grow Imaan Magazine ORGANICALLY utilizing Social Media (primarily through Twitter) and mobile applications. Simple, effective, and trackable.———————————-Imaan Magazine NEEDS are:
1) more content contributors,
2) networking opportunities,
3) organic word-of-mouth promotion on social and mobile networks.



              Here are some Q&A’s to shed light on writing material

Q: How do you think I can contribute? In what ways specifically?

A: Freedom of choice will work best; meaning that when you are inspired – your writing to speak. Insha’Allah your work will be a great asset to the mission of Imaan Magazine, without feeling constrained in any way.

Q: What subject matter would you like me to write on and what word count do you expect?

A: Reviews and Commentary on issues pertinent to Muslims (in particular, but not exclusively). FROM AN AMERICAN MUSLIM CONTEXT- THIS IS VITALLY IMPORTANT! It is important that we honor the uniqueness in being an American fact, The Qur’an invites us to embrace our culture. The beauty of Islam is that it is a “working” system for spiritual cultivation – and copy written by no human being. It is for ALL.

Q: When will the deadlines be typically if this is a monthly publication? Also, is this print or purely digital media?

A: Deadlines for ALL content is the 24th day of each month at midnight. Initially, this is a web-based magazine. We will revisit the viability of print after a year.

*******If you would like to join the team, please send a sample article of your work along with your name, a little about yourself,  and details of any relevant experience to: **********


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